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With worldwide operations, we deliver digital value by transforming entire product portfolios with cutting-edge technology, innovative business models, efficient system integration and operation.

The international business scope consists of eleven locations in Germany, USA, Brazil, China and Portugal, a multinational team from more than 30 nationalities and a well-established network of specialists and partners.

Headquarters Office, Munich

Benefits at Pixida

Discover the comprehensive range of benefits awaiting you at Pixida. From a dynamic work environment and employee-centered policies to wellbeing and health benefits, we strive to create an exceptional experience that rewards talent and dedication.

*Be aware that although our values and philosophy remain the same across all offices worldwide, the benefits provided may differ depending on the specific country or office.

  • Very appealing offices with individual, collaboration & team spaces
  • Highly innovative, agile & diverse team
  • Innovation lab with tools and machinery for prototyping
  • Freedom to try out and use new technologies
  • Partnership-based and open corporate culture
  • Relocation assistance
  • Permanent positions in full time or part time
  • Flexible working hours
  • Mobile working contracts
  • Remote work possibility
  • Holistic onboarding program with individual mentor
  • Personally tailored inhouse & external trainings
  • Professional development concept
  • Individually tailored pension plan with extraordinary benefits
  • Various insurance packages (e.g. health, life, disability)
  • Additional volunteering days
  • Company sponsored sport activities
  • Subsidized gym membership
  • Recharging with time out and sabbatical
  • Additional vacation days
  • Regular team events
  • Annual celebrations with families
  • Networking activities, regional events and company parties
  • Energizing music streaming abo (Spotify)
  • Monthly mobility voucher (fuel, taxi, public transport, Deutschlandticket…)
  • Tax-free goods voucher
  • Annual budget for equipment
  • Various employee discounts
  • Support with childcare costs
  • Private usage of corporate smartphone and data package
  • Financial support with language courses
  • Lunch allowances

Transparent Application Process

Our whole hiring process happens within 24 days.

1. Receipt of your application

Once you’ve applied, we will check your documents and send you a confirmation mail within few days.

2. Interview I

Within 8 days, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will contact you for a phone interview to clarify any open questions and send you a coding test if necessary.

3. Interview II

With the next 8 days, the second interview will take place, which will help us to get a better idea about who you are and let you get to know us. There can be also a technical interview with experts at this stage.

4. Feedback

After considering all possibilities with the Pixida Group there will follow a feedback after the interview phase.


Apply today!

You can apply for one of our advertised position in our Career Center or by sending your CV via email to one of the country offices. You can find the relevant emails addresses under Contact.

One of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will be in touch with you soon!

Head of recruiting




We know that applying for a job can be overwhelming, so we have prepared some answers to common question.

You have another question? Send us an email at

The right candidate will have completed a technical or a computer science degree (Bachelor, Master or Diploma) or will have completed a comparable education with appropriate working experience. Graduates of other interdisciplinary study programs may also be the right people for us. It is important that you enjoy new technologies and are interested in the following fields of expertise: Cloud Solutions, Software Development, Data Analytics, Business & Engineering Services.

To get to know each other well, the application process may consist of several stages, including telephone and in-person interviews as well as professional exams. We strive to process applications quickly and provide feedback and/or a decision within two weeks after the interview. We attach great importance to long-term cooperation and base our decision very much on this aspect. Contact Ms. Lohwasser at to inquire about your application status.

Our candidates should have a high level of technical affinity and be interested in current developments in the fields of mobility and digitalization in different industries. We especially value high commitment, self-responsibility, team-oriented working methods, a very good command of English and good knowledge of German.

Yes, we very much appreciate unsolicited applications. For further information please see “Which documents are required for application”.

Please send us a complete application including curriculum vitae and certificates, and a meaningful cover letter that outlines how you imagine your dream job and what role technology plays for you. You can also review our core areas and select those of particular interest for you, as well as provide us information on specific industries that are appealing to you. Early information on the work permit and visa also speed up your application process.

We also welcome unsolicited applications.

It is enough for you to apply for one of the jobs. You are welcome to note in the cover letter that you are also interested in other positions. Please indicate the corresponding reference number (s. our job vacancies). We will examine each individual application and consider whether the candidate could possibly fit another position.

Yes, we provide a monthly allowance for our students. The amount depends primarily on your level of knowledge and personal experience, as well as on the already completed semesters or on former training content.

We recognize that for personal reasons, an employee may wish to transfer to a different location. It is our hope that such a change would benefit our employees by allowing them to build relationships with new customers and broaden their knowledge base and expertise.

Yes. Included in the invitation to the interview will be a reimbursement form which can be completed by email. Instructions will be included on how to calculate the amount of the refund.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer internships abroad. In order to work with our subsidiaries worldwide, you need intensive training in the parent company in Germany. A stay abroad is therefore possible at a later date.

Yes. Please send us your thesis proposal and the time frame when you are considering doing it. We will then check whether it is possible for you to complete your thesis with us.

It depends on the requirements of your university / college. As a rule, the duration of a thesis is between three and six months.

No, we do not offer prenticeships or trainee programs. In most cases new colleagues start permanent employment in their core area. They evolve constantly by taking over new project tasks and/or working for different clients.

At Pixida, the focus is on the employee (resource-based view). All Pixida colleagues are involved in the choice of project theme and location. Therefore, everyone works wherever she/he prefers to work. As part of a project, workshops or meetings may be scheduled at different locations, so we do expect some flexibility with regard to travel.

We attach great importance to high-quality further education, especially obtaining certificates to promote further development of our employees and increasing possibilities of employment in corresponding task areas. We currently offer training in three areas: social, technical and methodological competence as well as language courses as needed.

For further inquiries please contact Maria Lohwasser at

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